Hardwood Flooring

The Benefits of
Hardwood Flooring

Elegant, long-lasting and an absolute classic, hardwood floors are an incredibly popular choice for property owners.

With such a wide variety of colors and grain variations, you’re bound to find the perfect hardwood floor for your space.

Hardwood Flooring Color and Style Options in Goshen Indiana at Family Value Flooring

Hardwood floor colors

Ranging from quite light to intensely dark, there’s a style of hardwood flooring for every decor theme out there. Lighter hardwood floors work well in modern spaces, with darker hardwood floors more at home in traditional rooms.
Hardwood Flooring Grain Variations

Grain variations in hardwood

Hardwood flooring gets a lot of its personality from it’s natural grain variations. The more dramatic grain variations creates a rustic feeling. If you’re looking for a sleek, contemporary look, stick with a subtle grain.
Hardwood Flooring Planks in Goshen Indiana

Solid or engineered hardwood ?

Solid hardwood planks are created from a single piece of wood and make a beautiful floor that lasts for years.

Engineered hardwood planks are made from several layers of wood
(with a core of plywood or HDF) and are suited to higher humidity areas.

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